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Meditation Bowl

Meditation Bowl

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1. The bowl is easy to sing and produces a rich, harmonious and soothing sound that lasts for a long time.
2. Produce vibrant and vibrating sounds to relieve stress.
3. These singing bowls have been used for meditation, music, relaxation, personal health, healing energy and chakra creation for generations.
4. They have been used by various professionals, including health professionals, educators, musicians and spiritual mentors.
5. Psychotherapists, massage therapists, cancer and stress and meditation specialists are all using singing bowls.
6. They have been used to treat cancer patients and post-traumatic stress disorder.
7. They are very popular in the classroom and help promote group activities and focus students' attention.

Product information:
Material: Copper
Suspension form: decoration
Modeling: Geometry
Product name: Tibet Singing Bowl
Material: ring copper (7 kinds of metals are cast according to the traditional formula)
Purpose: Yoga meditation Feng Shui ornaments

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